When Hiring, Keep Culture Top of Mind


We’re in the midst of one of the lowest unemployment periods in recent American history, which means that finding a good employee for that new opening of yours has become a much more difficult endeavor. It’s time like these where I start thinking about a topic I find highly interesting: hiring.

Hiring just has so many ways of approach – do you put all your chips on the personal interview? Or do you trust the resume above all else?

One of the big hot topics when it comes to hiring lately is “culture.” Are new hires at your company a cultural fit? It’s not quite as simple as whether they get along with everyone else (though that does help of course). Instead, it’s a matter of whether a candidate’s life and career goals align with the purpose and values of your organization. For the in-demand job seekers out there, those with the big-time qualifications and experience under their belt, it might just be culture rather than a paycheck that convinces them to join your team.

Here are a few items many consider staples of a strong job culture that can bring the best and the brightest to your door:

A clear set of values

While just about every company out there wants to make their customers happy – and bring in plenty of money while do so – more candidates are looking for companies that have a clearly defined purpose in their work. Whether that’s a commitment to advancing women in business around the world or sourcing materials from local markets, many employees like to work at a company that coincides with their own personal values or at least like to contribute to a good cause.

A focus on employees

Employees like to work at a company where they’re made to feel valued. You should show the same interest in the personal and professional growth of your employees as you do with your bottom line. If you offer opportunities for upward mobility or workshops to help employees learn new skills, you can be sure you’ll earn the attention of plenty of strong candidates. After all, what is a company if not the sum of its parts?


Speaking of employee focus, recognition of great ideas, hard work, and individual accomplishments go a long way toward keeping people in your company and spreading the word of your business as a great place to work.

The right work/life balance

Finally, many potential employees aren’t necessarily looking for the most pay or upward mobility, but a job that affords them the opportunity to take that vacation, spend time with the family, or work from home once in a while.

Do you think your organization has a great work culture?  Let us know about your own hiring experiences at info@quincycfo.com.

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