Growth Companies

You’re ready to make the investment.
You’re running a small company with a team of employees and you’ve decided that this is it: this is the year we’re ready to grow. What is your plan to accumulate cash reserves?  Are you leveraging all of your vendors to do the best for you and your employees? Probably not, unless you’ve got the years of experience having been through all the ‘what ifs’ already. That’s where Quincy CFO can help.
We start with building the disciplines of financial reporting so that you are learning from the past and planning for the future regularly. We’ll be there to share with you other areas that need attention on the growth trajectory and we’ll work with your team to foster efficiency and effectiveness as your company stretches to fit that growth.
Here’s some ways we’ve helped companies ready for growth:

  • Created regular reporting, including budgets, forecasts, cash flow forecast, and month-end close.
  • Move away from management-by-cash-balance by establishing accurate accrual basis financial reporting to reflect the true health of your business.
  • Built a leadership team to shepherd the growth stage.
  • Took ownership of vendors to ensure the company and employees are getting the best value.
  • Created standardized practices to support growth and address internal controls.
  • Motivated and empowered staff to increase their value as a member of the support team

Need help as your company grows? Send us a note and we’ll let you know how we can help you.


Not a Growth Company? We can help Startups and Established Businesses, too!


Quincy CFO is not merely a plug and chug outsourced accounting firm. It is a real management resource for bouncing ideas around and coordinating all of our compliance and financial reporting matters.- Tim Aluise, PrincipalHessel, Aluise and Neun PC