Accounting. Bookkeeping. Transactions.

These common terms can make even seasoned business professionals cringe. Entrepreneurs and business leaders should be focused on the big picture of their business, not on keeping books. Cringe no longer: Quincy CFO can ease your mind because you'll have CPAs looking at your financials regularly.

We know you have someone dedicated to do the bookkeeping, but have you ever wondered if it's the best solution? We can coach them to smooth out those internal accounting processes, build upon the internal controls, improve accuracy, and contribute continued value as a member of the accounting team. And when it's the right next step, we'll help address changes in staff to align with your current strategy.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Transactional - month end close (bank and account reconciliations, journal entries)
  • Analysis and Classification - review trends and details, breaking down your costs and how it makes sense for your business
  • Best practices for bookkeeping (supervise, coach, and advise current bookkeeping staff)

Tell us about your accounting woes. We'll craft a solution.


Need a hand with Finance or Operations, too?


Quincy worked with a recruiter to find a mix of candidates for our new Accounting Manager, helping to find a candidate whose personality and skill set matched our needs. She played a strong role in the onboarding process of our new hire, which resulted in a smooth transition and training period.- Marc Epstein, CEOStarCompliance