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When starting a business, many entrepreneurs lean on volunteers to help out. These volunteers can range from interns to family members, and this help often spans financial, administrative, or technical assistance. The old cautionary warning holds true however – you have to be careful when mixing... MORE
Having the right people on your staff can make all the difference for your company. The culture of your organization is driven by the people you have on your team; so what are the skills most important for your company, and for that position? Let’s talk... MORE
It takes a lot of time and energy to make the right hire. But the work isn’t done once a job offer is accepted. To make a new employee feel welcome, confident in their decision to join the team, and impress them on their first... MORE
Everyone has their own process for hiring.  I’m always interested to learn what you do to find quality employees, particularly the length of time it takes you to hire. Do you use phone interviews to screen candidates? Do you throw out resumes with typos when... MORE
Sometimes, Networking is a Team Effort
Most successful business owners swear by the importance of networking... MORE
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Onboarding is Your First Impression. Make it Great!
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