Why Quincy?

There are a lot of ways to fill in the financial and administrative gaps on your team.

Here’s how Quincy CFO does it:

  • We apply experience from industry. We have 15 years of on the ground, industry experience, playing the role of Controller and CFO.   Where accounting firms focus on accounting regulation and tax strategy cyclically through busy seasons, our experiences with growing businesses give us the real-life qualifications to draw upon to help make decisions for your company and its operations consistently throughout the year. We’ve already seen the pain you are feeling, and we want to talk with you about how to address it.
  • As your CFO, we are also your COO. We provide more than financial forecasts and monthly reporting. We help your business grow by applying our experience to all areas of your administration: human resources, technology, operations, legal, finance and accounting.
  • We provide services onsite. Of course we will hop on the phone to answer a one-off question and respond to emails timely, but we have found great value by coming into your office and getting to know your team and office culture. This allows us to better understand any ongoing issues and provide the best, customized solutions to whatever obstacle you’re facing.
  • We leave the suit and tie at home. We are accessible and personable, we roll up our sleeves and get work done.  We want your employees at all levels to feel comfortable approaching us for help.
  • We have a team of experts when more help is needed.  We know you’ll need help in areas outside of our expertise, and we’ll bring in someone we trust to help you when necessary. We work closely and invest our time to collaborate with colleagues in the areas of banking, insurance, human resources, law, marketing, and technology.
  • Quincy is not an accounting firm. Accounting firms focus on accounting regulations and tax strategy cyclically through busy seasons. The support you need is all year-long, not just outside of tax season. Our business experience gives us the qualifications to help make practice decisions for your company’s growth and operations.


Kelly’s quick grasp of industry nuances, coupled with her vision of the big picture, makes her so much more than a typical financial or tax adviser; she becomes both an integral and yet unsalaried part of the management team.- Lisa StarrWynne Business