You’re not sure all the pieces it will take to grow your business and you want help.
You took the plunge and started your own company. Your day is jam-packed with calls and meetings, and you find yourself more focused on the day-to-day than on future plans. But, more often than not, you’re kept in the office too late, worrying about how your new business is faring within your own industry and what the future will look like. You’ll have more confidence with Quincy CFO. We’ll take a look at how your startup has progressed and work up the right scenario so you can grow knowing where you’re heading.
Do you have the right credit limits with your financial institution? First you’ll need a picture of where or how you’re going to grow, we'll help create those financial models in your business plan.
Here’s what we’ve done for startups:

  • Financial Forecasting – do you have a sense of what the next 3 months or 3 years look like?
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Analysis – because what is more important?
  • Financial Assessment – are you doing ok?
  • Industry Benchmarking – how do you compare to your peers?
  • General Ledger Account structure – do your financials tell a story?
  • General Advice – because no one can grow without a team?

Let us know what you need at this stage. We’ll get in touch with our ideas.


Not a Startup? We can help Growth Companies and Established Businesses, too!


Quincy CFO is not merely a plug and chug outsourced accounting firm. It is a real management resource for bouncing ideas around and coordinating all of our compliance and financial reporting matters.- Tim Aluise, PrincipalHessel, Aluise and Neun PC