Wanted: Greener Pastures


We have seen employees stay a little too long at their job. And that can be ok for someone and for companies who are comfortable with the status quo and/or are happy with the same skillset on their team. The real problems arise when someone wants annual raises year after year after year, but does not grow professionally to earn that increase in pay.

The best way to grow is to learn more. You provide real value when you get out of the four walls of your current job, learn something different and bring it back in. Maybe you discover a new project management tool or a new way to capture a lead. Maybe you will learn some soft skills from being the president of your community association.

When you have nothing left to learn

There are times, however, when the only real way to make more money is to get a new job. And we know, that when employers are looking to hire new staff members with a certain experience level, they are willing to pay.

Consider this scenario: you’re working for Widget Co., and you’re running the production process. Your company has been making Product A for a while, and then went through a new purchase requisition system. Now your job is easy, you’ve been doing this for 12 years! During that time you’ve been so busy at work you never have a chance to get out to attend trade events. The very last thing you want to do on the weekend is read industry magazines or attend events about products. You have hit your value curve at Widget Co.

Enter Next Gen Co, which is about to go through a cycle in their company and needs someone with your skillset and experience. You’re up for the challenge of being their new leader who is full of ideas.

The takeaway

What employers and employees should take away from this is that you need to grow to make the most money and discover your true value to any employer. Often the biggest change you can make in your career is to try a new employer. Bottle all that experience you have and take it somewhere else. There is no better time than today to see what’s out there.

WARNING – we will talk out of both sides of our mouth here. As an employee, you have the right to make a move if you’re seeking growth. But you also don’t want to become a job hopper — most people consider that a résumé red flag. We want you to spend enough time at an organization to learn all there is to learn, and to build a strong story to tell about why you left that job and went to the next one.

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