Stepping Up Post Virus


The importance of a CFO is right there in the name—Chief Financial Officer. This person frees up your time for more Client and Product focus, establishes financial monitoring and reporting processes, and ensures the numbers accurately reflect what’s going on in your business. In short, the buck stops with them.

If you’re under $20 million in revenue, you likely lack the need or the workload to keep someone busy full-time. But you know you need to establish a financial structure and systems to set you up for success or continued growth, and you don’t have the time or experience to do so.

And if your business is large enough to keep a full-time CFO busy, then our role is one for a special project, to fill an interim opening due to turnover, or just provide a fresh perspective.

Our team delivers all levels of accounting talent and experience for your business for a fraction of the price of what it would cost to employ someone full-time. With experience in finance, accounting, banking, human capital, technology, IT, insurance, and legal, a part-time CFO can relieve you of the many distractions within your internal operations. An investment in senior-level talent is a stepping stone to the next stage of growth.

What does this look like in practice? Our scope covers four categories:

Increase the Bottom Line.

The core of what we do and what makes our clients the happiest is to discover cost savings in your business, albeit through improved understanding, better resource use/efficiencies or good old opportunities for savings or revenue opportunities.  We are objective and we bring our experience to the table.

Financial reporting, planning, and infrastructure.

Let’s face it, everyone could use better discipline for reporting Monthly Results, monitoring Key Performance Indicators, building Financial Forecasts, and carrying out accurate Cash Flow Planning. After helping build this infrastructure and financial reporting, and when it makes sense for your business, we train you to take over.

Guidance to your bookkeeper.

Your bookkeeper is critical to your organization, but there can be limitations due to workload or skillsets. Bringing in our accountants to work side-by-side with your bookkeeper can yield amazing results for your organization—work becomes more timely, efficient, and accurate; and you’ll no longer rely on only one person to know all the moving pieces. We can also help you assess what’s the best accounting talent for you today, next year, and further down the road.

Oversight of back-office operations.

Because we provide many of our services on-site, we have worked with our clients on more than just accounting. At the guidance of the CEO, we’ll take as many back-office operational relationships, and duties as they desire, including corporate insurance brokers, tax accountants, benefit renews, facility administration, legal matter coordination, and human resources oversight.

Regardless of the size of your team or revenue, always remember that you can’t grow your company without making investments in ALL areas of your business—even at the senior level. CFOs do not directly contribute to the top line, but hiring one could still be the right investment for your company—especially on a part-time basis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Quincy CFO can help with you with improving the financial clarity and position of your business during this challenging time.


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