It’s time for you to do something

Get them out...of the office


We’ve talked before about when it is just time to say goodbye to staff – in fact, we’ve almost encouraged it. But we also know that sometimes we’re just wasting our breath, because those moves just ain’t gonna happen. So here is where you go from there…

How is your long-time employee contributing to the organization these days? He or she must be giving sweat equity or have given so much of it by now that you feel you continue to owe them gainful employment. They are reliable and complete every task you ask them to. But they only contribute to your organization as far as the four walls of your office. Let’s get them to contribute differently – it can only benefit you both.

Helping your employees grow

The following ideas involve getting your employees out of the office so that they can see how others get it done.

Networking. Many of us network to find business. Many of us network to meet and learn about new people or services. Some of us just do it to get out. Join your local chamber of commerce and get this team member to represent you there. Get him or her to represent him or herself.

User Groups. We all use software in our organization. QuickBooks? Timberline? Basecamp? Deltek? Concur? Declare your employee the champion of this product and ask him or her to represent your organization or department in user groups that meet either online or in person.  

Industry Groups. What industry are you in? I guarantee there is a Meet Up around town that fits your organization well, or good enough. Is it a “women in real estate” group? Is it a QuickBooks advisors breakfast? How about Law Firm Administrators group? Again, you might find this on LinkedIn. Encourage your employee to get involved, contribute, learn and share.

Leadership roles. In any of the options above, request that your employee not only jumps into the lake, but also joins a committee — this is especially easy if you belong to your chamber of commerce. He or she might learn a new passion or discover a new way to contribute to your business. You should also encourage your employee to take a leadership role. Everyone could use those skills to grow.

Training. What’s important about training is a) your employee learns a new skill that will help them in their life, and b) they learn to translate that information to share back with you. After you sign them up for the training, schedule a time to debrief after it’s complete. This will help you understand if you made a good investment, and will help your employee with presentation skills. 

We may still bug you to really consider whether this person is adding the value you’re paying for. And we’ll encourage you to help him or her grow by letting him or her go. But if they are right for your growing organization, they need to be growing too, and let’s face it — they haven’t grown in a long time.  It’s time for you to do something.

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