How do you make the right hire? Slow down.


Everyone has their own process for hiring.  I’m always interested to learn what you do to find quality employees, particularly the length of time it takes you to hire. Do you use phone interviews to screen candidates? Do you throw out resumes with typos when you have a stack too big to review? How many rounds of interviews do candidates go through? But most importantly, how do you ensure that a candidate is the right fit for your company?

One hiring method that does not get much attention is an assessment tool, sometimes referred to as a personality test. This could be an important step to add to your hiring process, by allowing you to slow down even more and ensure once and for all that you’ve made the right hire.

But don’t take my word for it. I’ve asked Jeff Miller, president and CEO of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance and an expert business coach, to provide his perspective on using assessment tools to make the right hire.

When business suddenly picks up, it’s tempting to rush into posting a job ad, or worse, hire someone who turns out to be the wrong fit for your company. The cost of making the wrong hire can only be detrimental to your company. While the adage that it is better to hire too soon rather than too late is true, the path to hiring needs to be a clear one which avoids the cost of making the wrong choice.

According to a survey conducted by Career Builder, 41% of companies say that a bad hire in the last year has cost them at least $25,000. This statistic is alarming for businesses everywhere.

So how do you make the right hire? The first question you need to ask is: what is the most important factor when building your team? Maybe it’s experience, dedication, personality or a combination.

For growing companies or those just starting out, you can save time, money and stress by using our assessment tools to help find the right candidate.

What are assessment tools?

Assessments help you uncover consistent, objective information about yourself and your employees’ needs that enable you to make smarter hiring decisions moving forward.

Using the PXT Assessment Tool, we can measure how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, enabling you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It’s used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, employee orientation, managing, and strategic workforce planning.

Hiring is a major process of the business cycle. Take the time to find the right candidate. Let it be a means to increasing your company’s growth.

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